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Council to launch ‘Watford Memory Support Centre’ to support residents newly diagnosed with dementia

As part of the Council’s commitment to make Watford dementia-friendly, we are launching the ‘Watford Memory Centre’, with Hertfordshire Partnership Foundation Trust, to support those who have recently been diagnosed with dementia.

‘Dementia Friendly Watford’ is our mission to ensure that residents with dementia are understood, respected and supported. It is our hope that they feel they can continue to live in the way they want to in the community they choose. We want to ensure that they have access to as many resources and dementia-friendly environments as possible.

Located at the Meriden Community Centre, the informal sessions will be starting from Monday 21 March. Individuals who have recently been diagnosed with dementia, and their family members, will have access to information and practical advice on lifestyle and medical topics. There will also be additional support and a chance to meet others who are in the same situation.

Elected Mayor of Watford, Peter Taylor said “I have always been passionate about making Watford a dementia-friendly town and ensuring local organisations, businesses and residents are aware of the small things they can do that will have a big impact on those living with dementia.

The ‘Watford Memory Centre’ will provide essential support to those who have newly diagnosed with dementia and their families, not only with the specialist advice but by showing them they are not alone.”

For more information, or how you can book your place at one of the sessions, please visit our Support Page.

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